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Ammo ID?

stant4   04-04-2009 at 08:35

Junior Member
Registered: 04-04-2009
Messages: 5

Hi every one,my first post! I think this is a crushed Ammonite, can anyone confirm. thanksfound at Runswick bay East Yorkshire.


Carboon   05-04-2009 at 21:38

Senior Member
Photo Moderator
Registered: 02-09-2008
Messages: 1038

Hi Stanley,

The suture-lines of an Ammonite, I think you're spot on there. Unfortunately I know very little about them, so I can't help you further than that. If you don't get reactions here, try posting at the Dutch part of the forum. Write in English, like you do here, it's just that more people visit the Dutch forum (you have a better chance to get a reaction there).



[Bewerkt door Carboon op 05-04-2009 om 21:39 NL]

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