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anti spyware

genry-morgan   23-09-2007 at 18:55


hello there!
i have got a blog. i`ve recieved a lot of spam in my online journal recently. could anybody tell me how to get antispam filter or something else to protect my online journal? spamers send there many links. that guys are bothering me very much!
but i should say that once i got a profit from that people. they have sent me some links to anti virus program. so i decided to visit this site because my PC started to work very bad. i found there a proposition to download this program. when i installed it, the program deleted all spyware from my PC!!! even such progames as Kaspersky and Nod32 couldn`t find it!!!! i could not even think that there are so many viruses in my computer!!! you could click by one of this links. searching viruses on your computer is free!!! here are the link.
So spamers are not so useless)))

hasta la vista

mineraal0   01-10-2007 at 18:43

Senior Member
Registered: 30-07-2006
Messages: 1634

@ beheerders : Volgens mij hoort meneer hiet niet thuis , dus je weet wel wat ik bedoel .

[Bewerkt door mineraal0 op 01-10-2007 om 18:43 NL]