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skorpion   19-05-2007 at 14:29

Junior Member
Registered: 12-05-2007
Messages: 29

Hi Folks

Sorry to bore you but could this be a fossil?
It is very light.



webmaster   31-05-2007 at 11:41

Photo Moderator
Registered: 09-09-2003
Messages: 2440

I do not think it is a fossil. I cannot recognise any structures op living compartments of corals or other organisms. I thing the rock is some volcanic pumice rock.

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Kennis telt!
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Stijn   31-05-2007 at 13:48

Senior Member
Photo Moderator
Registered: 15-09-2006
Messages: 1832

no fossil indeed

look for reaction with HCl to look if it is a weathered limestone, or to the microstructure of the stone if it can be volcanic rock (pumice)

cheers stijn

"Ammonites are the quintessential
fossils, seemingly covering all the
major themes of paleontology"
Eldredge 1996

Junior   05-06-2007 at 19:05

Junior Member
Registered: 26-06-2006
Messages: 67

I have a rock like that to,
when I found it my friends grandad(who is an archeologist) sed it was an, I don't know how to call it in English, so I have to say it in dutch, an 'vuursteen' from the Createcious Era.

PS: does annybody knows how it's called in english?

greets sem

DNAtim   05-06-2007 at 20:53

Senior Member
Registered: 05-04-2005
Messages: 160

Vuursteen= Flint(stone) or Silex. The stone shown here aint flint, pumice also seems the most reasonable to me.


Junior   05-06-2007 at 21:24

Junior Member
Registered: 26-06-2006
Messages: 67

oh, ok.
i saw it just now, it ain't the same thing...

greets sem