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Devonian Fish

Steve84   14-09-2018 at 01:07

Junior Member
Registered: 12-09-2018
Messages: 2

What i have here from what iv learned so far is the compressed skull of some type of Devonian era Fish it has two long bottom front teeth and shorter top found at cromarty in the Scottish Highlands. Some experts think it is a lobe finned fish possibly of the rhizodont family and there is interest from some Museums in having it scanned to learn more without the risk of damage from removing the matrix which for now is keeping all the fragments together.

Has anyone came across somthing similar that could shine further light on this specimen?

hubertus68   14-09-2018 at 10:29

Senior Member
Photo Moderator
Registered: 12-11-2012
Messages: 2598

Hi Steve,

very nice piece!! Congratulations.
Unfortunately I can't help you with determination.

Best regards,

sjaak   14-09-2018 at 11:33

Senior Member
Registered: 28-03-2006
Messages: 5695

I agree. This is an excellent piece. Congratiolations!
I only have some experience with Devonion fish from Thurso, but these are partial and all pressed flat while this one almost seems preserved in 3D or isn't it?
I would leave this question to museum experts.

See these also:



[Bewerkt door sjaak op 14-09-2018 om 11:51 NL]



Stijn   14-09-2018 at 00:10

Senior Member
Photo Moderator
Registered: 15-09-2006
Messages: 1835

Beautifull specimen. Interesting specimen. I can be of no help. There are many groups of Devonian fishes, all with a different body 'bauplan'. I think the best persons to answer your questions are those Devonian fish experts working at the museum you cite.

"Ammonites are the quintessential
fossils, seemingly covering all the
major themes of paleontology"
Eldredge 1996

fifbrindacier   29-09-2018 at 18:40

Normal Member
Registered: 07-12-2016
Messages: 55

I also won't be of a good and efficient help but you really have a very nice piece congratulations.

MarkW   14-10-2018 at 19:14

Senior Member
Registered: 26-03-2006
Messages: 648

Hi Steve,
I have forwarded your question to a well-known British fossil fish collector/expert, and he is 100% sure that this specimen belongs to the genus Glyptolepis, and that similar to other specimens known from Cromarty, it could be prepared using acid (not recommended without prior experience). Feel free to contact him through his website if you're interested to find out more. LINK

Cheers, Mark