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A problematic fossil from scandinavian furongian orsten

Agnostus   13-10-2013 at 17:47

Junior Member
Registered: 13-10-2013
Messages: 1

Hi Everyvone,

In Germany on the southern Baltic coast has a friend of mine
this fragment of an unknown fossil found. The rock is a pleistocene Geschiebe (Erratic boulder) from the Scandinavian Furongium. In the attachment there is a trilobite fauna of the genus Spaerophthalmus. The trilobites are living in the pelagic zone. The rock is called Stinkkalk (Stinkstone) or Orsten. Uncommon that a fossil is present in this size in phosphatic preservation. It phosphatized fossils have been described from the Stinkkalk. But these fossils are micro fossils.
The fossil fragment has a length of 1.1 cm.
My guess is that it is a Hyolith fragment. Other opinions are that it is a Conularie.

Somebody knows as a fossil?
Thanks for looking.

Best regards

Frederik   15-10-2013 at 13:58

Photo Moderator
Registered: 28-09-2003
Messages: 8635

Interesting indeed. Has cephalopod been ruled out?

Try to learn something about everything and everything about
something (TH Huxley)

Spongebob   21-01-2014 at 19:17

Senior Member
Photo Moderator
Registered: 22-12-2007
Messages: 3660


Interesting fossil.
It's looks to me as a little piece from the shell of a gastropod.
Some types of Oriostoma -gastropods from the isle of Gotland show similar ridges.

Time fades away (Neil Young)