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Dinosaur footprints?

doshui   11-08-2011 at 23:07

Junior Member
Registered: 09-06-2011
Messages: 4

Hi I have recently come across some footprints which are very interesting. I discovered this little trackway at the base of a cliff about 4 miles south of valentia island on the south west coast of Ireland. Valentia is well known for its Tetrapod tracks which are dated approx 380 million years old. However if these are dinosaur prints (they are in a different rock formation), then they would be approx 180 million years old. But dinosaur prints have never been found in Ireland. Nevertheless look closely and you can make out claw prints at the extremeties of the print. The small marks around the main footprints, could have been made by the young. There is something very like this in Scotland. I have sent in the photos into the museum and am hoping for some comment. (a positive ID would be great). Anyone like to comment?

Domhnall O'Suibhne

Trilobite   21-06-2012 at 00:31

Senior Member
Photo Moderator
Registered: 10-09-2003
Messages: 962

It does look like theropod tracks. But looking at geological maps that whole area is devonian. But most of the maps geological maps on the internet aren't that detailed.
So I dunno.

Olof Moleman AKA Trilobite/Lord Trilobite
Lord of the Paleozoic sea.
Ik graaf dus ik ben.