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Come to our PaleoTime-BE International Fossil Show in Wijgmaal (BE), on November 11 2018!

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PaleoTime-NL International Fossil Show Ede (The Netherlands), March 10th 2018

Registration of exhibitors

We like to welcome anybody interested in exhibiting and selling fossils at this fair to register via our online registration form. This fossil fair is a venue for amateurs, commercial traders using extortionate prices are therefore not welcome. The organization asks participants to respect and have compliance with the following principles:

There will be no entrance fee and we do not ask a fixed exhibition fee for regular exhibitors. To cover the costs of this event (amongst others the rent of the accommodation and advertising costs), we will ask the exhibitors for a voluntary contribution (indication: €12.50 per table). We invite all amateurs to bring as many material as possible to our fossil fair and to invite anyone else that in interested in this event.

It is very easy to register, using the digital registration form below.

We kindly request museums and associations and societies of fossil collectors interested in having a booth at our fossil fair to send an email to beurs@fossiel.net to coordinate individual needs and wishes. For museums and societies we use a set admission fee.

Rules and regulations

Registration form for exhibitors:


Email address

Phone number

Number of tables of 1.60 meters *:

* Anyone that has any special request, please contact the organization.


Control number (please give an answer):

You accept the Rules and Regulations above when registering.