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Come to our PaleoTime-BE International Fossil Show in Wijgmaal (BE), on November 11 2018!

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PaleoTime-NL Fossil Show in Ede (The Netherlands), March the 10th, 2018

Paleontica-Fossiel.net, the Werkgroep Fossielen Wageningen and the Paleobiologische Kring are proud to present the fourth edition of their international Fossil show, on March the 10th, 2018, in Ede, the Netherlands.
This event will be a friendly meeting between amateur and professional paleontologists, allowing for the exchange of knowledge and experience and of course providing an opportunity to sell and buy fossils for good prices! This fossil fair has a non-commercial character, with plenty of opportunities for the exchange of fossils.

In addition, the Paleobiologische Kring Nederland/Vlaanderen will be organizing a series of approachable presentations on different fossil-related subjects, with, amongst others, on the incredibly realistic reconstructions of Ice Age mammals by Remy Bakker, for which he received the prestigious Van der Lijnonderscheiding in 2017. Several museums will also be represented at the fair.  The fair is solely intended for fossils and materials related to fossil collecting, such as tools and books. Archeological material, minerals and jewelry will not be found here!

There will be no entrance fee, but a voluntary contribution by visitors is more than welcome. Likewise, exhibitors will be asked for a voluntary contribution to cover the costs of this event. Such costs include, amongst other, advertising costs and the rental of the accommodation.

At the accommodation of the fair there is a catering facility, where visitors and exhibitors can buy coffee, tea, sandwiches and more.

The slogan of our fossil fair is "for fossils collectors, by fossil collectors". Therefore, we invite anyone interested in exhibiting and selling fossils at this fair to register via our online registration form.

Important information on the PaleoTime-NL Fossil Show by Paleontica-Fossiel.net, the Werkgroep Fossielen Wageningen and the Paleobiologische Kring: